Boiler changes

Ecoglow’s trusted heating engineers will help you pick the perfect boiler for your home.

Ecoglow puts its customers first and is not interested in kickbacks to only install boilers from a particular brand. We supply a variety of different makes and models to suit all budgets including – Alpha, Baxi, Bosch, Ideal, Intergas, Navien, Valliant, Vokera and Worcester.
Every home is unique and factors such as property size, how many radiators and bathrooms you have, to how many people live in the property, all make a difference.

Ecoglow will carry out a detailed assessment of your needs then use our expertise to recommend the best choice for your home.

The average cost of a boiler repair in the UK is £210, so a new boiler will mean an end to shelling out for expensive repairs and a freezing cold home. A new A-rated efficient boiler will cut your energy bills by recycling gases that would usually be wasted.

The boiler is the beating heart of your home – so let Ecoglow get your blood pumping by helping you choose the right one to stay warm.

Interest free boiler loans

Ecoglow appreciates buying a new boiler is expensive – but help is at hand.

A typical boiler installation will cost anywhere between £1,000 and £5,000 but, in Scotland, the Energy Saving Trust are enabling homeowners to spread the cost over five years by offering interest free loans.

It also offers a subsidy of up to £400 towards the cost of replacing your boiler.

Feel free to call Ecoglow for more advice.

Landlord Gas Safety

Ecoglow’s specialists are Gas Safe registered, qualified and insured to help landlords meet the legal requirement that all their properties fitted with gas appliances pass the annual Gas Safety check with flying colours. A multiple property discount is available.

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998, any landlord who fails to meet the legal requirements faces severe penalties. A criminal court can impose unlimited fines if a tenant is harmed by a gas safety failure and landlords can be charged with manslaughter if negligence causes a death.

Insurance for your rental property is likely to be deemed invalid if you do not have an up-to-date gas safety certificate for it.

Ecoglow’s highly-trained engineers will thoroughly ensure your rental property passes this annual MoT-style test by:

  • Checking for gas leaks by testing all appliances for ‘gas tightness’
  • Making sure the burner pressure and gas rate meets the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Testing the boiler’s standing and working gas pressure (if test points are available)
  • Inspecting the appliances to ensure the safety mechanisms are in proper working order
  • Ensuring all rooms containing gas appliances have suitable ventilation

Gas cooker installation

Ecoglow’s skilled and Gas Safe registered engineers have experience of installing all manner of gas cooker or gas hob brands and models.

It is a legal requirement for gas cookers to be fitted by a Gas Safe registered installer and failure to do so is likely to invalidate your household or landlord insurance.

Ecoglow’s quality service will have you cooking with gas in no time!

At ecoglow we are expert at fitting gas cookersto current regulations. If you require a gas cooker or gas hob installed than just get in touch.

Gas boiler service

Prevention is better than cure and an annual boiler service will keep your boiler running efficiently – and more importantly – safely.

Most boilers these days come with long manufacturers’ warranties, which are subject to annual servicing.

Ecoglow’s trusted Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out a thorough inspection that includes:

  • A visual check of the boiler and flame (if possible)
  • Testing the effectiveness of the flue both externally and internally
  • Making sure that the heat input and/or operating pressure are correct
  • Checking the operation safety devices to ensure boiler is safe for continuous use
  • Removing casing to assess the boiler’s burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark/sensor probe
  • Making sure all seals and gaskets are effective
  • Firing up boiler to ensure there are no working faults
  • Cleaning of boiler parts, if required
  • A full service report detailing work carried out during inspection

Power Flushing

At ecoglow we use the best market leading powerflushing equipment to clean and revive dirty central heating systems to restore performance. The benefits of powerflushing are a clean and clear system. This means the reduction of damage and corrosion of your central heating system, which in turn will lead to a prolongued lifespan and lower running costs. A After the powerflush is complete we also add specialised inhibiting chemicals through the entire system which further prevents a future build up of sludge.

Smart controls

Here at ecoglow we are able to offer a variety of smart controls for your central heating system. We fit nest,, hive, Honeywell, drayton, salus and any other makes of smart controls. The benefits of switching to a smart thermostat are the ability of controlingyour central heating and hot water when on the move.

Unvented cylinders

We are fully qualified to fit unvented hot water cylinders. The benefits of these are greater flow of hot water at your taps and showers also the ability to use multiple hot water taps and showers at the same time.

Magnetic filters

Ecoglow supplies and fits Adey Magnaclean and Fernox Omega filters.
A magnetic filter is an ingenious device that targets every heating systems mortal enemy… sludge.

Black sludge is build-up of iron oxide filings – essentially metal rust from equipment like radiators, central heating pump housings and boiler parts.
Sludge adds to your energy bills by clogging up your heating system, meaning radiators don’t heat up and in the worst cases causing a catastrophic boiler meltdown.

Magnetic filters have revolutionised heating system protection and maintenance by using the magnetic power to attract the harmful metallic debris that forms sludge so it can be simply removed each year as part of an annual service.

At ecoglow we can supply anf fit magnetic filters to protect your boiler from costly breakdownsand keep your radiators in tip top condition. We fit adey magnaclean filters and fernox omega filters.

Designer radiators

We at ecoglow are able to supply and fit, or fit only any designer radiators in your home.

Designer radiators add glamour and enhance the look of your home and come in all shapes and sizes.

The matter how big or small, Ecoglow can fit them all.


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